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Oh how lonely and empty our inbox is looking...

Surely our lack of new entries means you're all writing your fingers to the bone?

A little Silly Shot from JulieJulieJulie

Summary -
For ADF Happy Valentine's Day Emmett Challenge. While hunting with Jasper, Emmett drinks a mysterious liquid that gives him an unfortunate superpower. Nonsense ensues. Crackfic silliness with added fluff.

Teaser -
Smells like nothing I've encountered before. Better than the lake of shit, but still not good." He paused. A devious smirk spread across his face. "I dare you to drink it."

Emmett swung his fist at him, but Jasper jerked out of the way.

"Why? Why are you always asking me to drink stuff? What's your fascination with making me puke?"

"I'm not sure," Jasper said, shrugging. "I just like it. Plus you're usually stupid enough to do it."

Without Edward there as the voice of reason, Emmett studied the glass for a long minute.

"What'll you give me?'

Jasper laughed. I knew it! "Twenty minutes of emotional manipulation. Your choice of who and when. You want to plague the Forks basketball team with constant erections? Done. Make Edward giddy enough to play show tunes again? Done."

"Seriously? You'll give me that to watch me barf in the woods?"


and something a little sweet from HookedonTwi

Swimming Lessons
Summary -
Submission to Ninapolitan's DILF contest. Teacher Bella/ Coach & Dad Emmett

Teaser -
He was big, no doubt. It was pure muscle though. .God. Being low to the ground, I watched as his feet approached, and my eyes drifted upwards, over his tan legs, noticing how they flexed with each step. Just above his knees, his legs disappeared under the cover of his shorts. My eyes drifted up further and stopped just a bit too long at a bulge below his waistline, surely he must've been wearing a cup. That was too much bulge. Right? I caught myself staring at his crotch and forced myself to continue upwards; I noticed how the shirt hung freely around his midsection, no hint of belly. It clung to his shoulders and chest, the Dartmouth logo darkened by his sweat. My eyes finally swept up to his face.

His full lips curved upwards into a smile. Dimples adorned his cheeks which were covered by his afternoon stubble. His eyes were the most magnificent oceanic blue.