Daily Update - HAPPY MONDAY!

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A new entry to start our week off,

by mandylynn99

Summary: The Cullens leave Bella in Forks and now more than two years have passed. What happens when the one she's been missing all this time shows up in the most unexpected place?

Primary Players: Emmett/Bella

Rating: M (for language)

Word Count: 3,412

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And while you're all so inspired to write, have you heard about Fics For Nashville?

From the Fics For Nashville LJ page 8th May:
As of Monday afternoon, the American Red Cross continues the third day of relief efforts for residents displaced by recent flooding across Middle and West Tennessee, and is currently operating 17 emergency shelters throughout the region. This is the worst flooding Tennessee has seen in decades. People are without food, water, shelter or the hope of any of those things to come soon.

We are offering a compilation of stories to each person who donates a minimum of $5 toward Tennessee/Nashville Flood Relief. All you have to do is email a copy of your receipt or confirmation to ficsfornashville@gmail.com.

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If you want to receive the compilation (ebook) of ALL the fics being written by the incredibly talented authors on our list just make a donation (of $5 or more) to one of the suggested charities and email a copy of your donation receipt to: ficsfornashville@gmail.com

We will send out the compilation (ebook) out on June the 5th, 2010.

We know that these are tough times for a lot of people out there, but every little bit helps

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