Daily Update & Rules Amendment

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Hi there Em Lovers!

Today we have a PSA on our beloved Cullen Male.

His name.

It's simple. It's easy. Yet so MANY MANY get it wrong.

Emmett McCarty

Not Emmitt, not McCarthy.

E M M E T T     M c C A R T Y
End PSA.

We're also amending the rules for the contest and adding a seperate category JUST because we want as many authors as possible to dip there feet in the secondary character is MORE pool...

- Outtakes/Side Shots of current/complete Twilight Fiction are acceptable.  Must be within the word limit and other guidelines of the competition.
So there you go, got a story in which you LOVE that author's Emmett? Maybe its time to drop them a PM and see if they're adding anything to the competition or maybe they now might be able to!

Fic Rec for the day!

Hiding in Plain Sight by Limona

Not an Emmett centric fic but a GREAT Em character portrayal just the same!

Summary -
Bella is a witness in peril. Emmett Cullen is the deputy assigned to protect her. When the witness protection program isn’t safe, Emmett asks Bella to pose as his brother Edward's fiancĂ©e until the trial. AU, AH, ExB.

Why Em is so great -
Not only is he his good natured, loyal to his family and sinfully sexy self - HE IS A DEPUTY - that's right, law enforcement. Oh and I wouldn't bring anything other than good ol' american made beer when you come for a visit, Em's very particular on what he keeps in his fridge.

Teaser -
"As much as I would love to stay here all day, I'm going to be late for work." I extricated myself from my sexy wife's arms and tried to roll out of bed.

"Screw work." Rosalie tackled me, throwing her whole body on top of mine to stop me from rolling over. She straddled me, and her hair tickled my neck as she leaned over me to kiss me. "Come on, baby, how about some morning love?"

"You know I'm working on an important case, Rose." I would have gone on, but Rosalie's lips trailed down my chest and kept going. I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful blond head. I was an insanely lucky man.

"I know. You've been working weekends for the last month. And I really think we need some time alone." Her tongue darted out, flicking out along my erect dick. When she took me in her mouth, I gave up. Fiery meteors could have been flying all around us, and I wouldn't have noticed, not as long as she kept me in her talented little mouth.

And then I heard a sound I couldn't ignore, as much as I wanted to. It was the pounding of tiny feet in the hallway.

"Is our door locked?"

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PicSpiration from the weheartit.com