Daily Update - An Em treat from @CrashHale

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A treat from one of the fandoms true Em lovers, if you've never experienced a CrashHale Emmett .. then you just DO NOT know what you're missing!

The Purple Carnation by CrashHale

Summary -
Emmett gives up alcohol and tries to get Alice back while remembering their past. AH. AU. Rated M.

Teaser -
"I just... don't want you to be my background." My eyes wondered over her face, studying her flawless white skin.

"What?" She whispered and met my eyes again.

"You know, background; people that just pass you by everyday." I explained.

"Oh..." The most beautiful smile in the world returned to her face. "You're very forward."

"I just know what I want, for the first time." I wouldn't pretend I was someone I wasn't. I never once in my life knew what I wanted. I knew now, I just knew, I wanted her. To feel her skin against mine, her breath against my face, her body in my arms.

A giggle from WinterStale after yesterday's PSA on Emmett's name


not THIS

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