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Hello again Em Lovers!

Today's Fic Pic Feature come's from Winterstale.  Not only does has this amazing chica written TWO entries for the contest, she wants to spread the love around with some Faboo Em Story Rec's too!

Summary -
Rosalie is an up and coming fashion photographer. When her job sends her to the mountains of Tennessee and things start to go wrong, will Rose find everything she didn't know she was missing? Can the sheriff with the sexy smile win her heart? All Human.

Why You Should Read -
This makes me want to run home to Tennessee and start committing traffic violations all over Greene County. I'm not sure why Rose drove her own car from NYC, much less why she has a car and lives in NYC but once Em shows up with his *ahem* Mag Lite - who really cares? Suspension of disbelief. Barefoot Alice. Grease puppy Jake.
Today's pic, a giggle..

mucho love to Winterstale for this