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Two fab one shots for you today and they are T and K rated goodness!

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? by Goldenmeadow

Summary -
Motownmett. Rubenesque Rosie. The Nifty 50’s. Sock Hop, Hand Jive, good-natured jibes. We all wanna’ know, ‘Why do fools fall in love?’ AU - that’s right, a full-figured vamp. T. **For ADF Happy Valentine Day Emmett Challenge**

Teaser -
In 1935 a gentle woman by the name of Esme had happened across my heaped up, gut-spilling, near lifeless corpse in the woods of the Smoky Mountains. My intestines were mounds of linked viscera spilling racing red streams across a frostbitten ground, warming iced-over fallen leaves so their serrated tips curled and dyed a deeper crimson than autumn alone had wrought. A hunting trip, an accident, a gunshot wound to my belly, and I was left for dead.

Lofty Timbers by Xaipre

Summary -
Bella and Emmett bond over classic vampire movies. Post-Eclipse and Pre-BD one-shot for the "ADF A Different Forest Happy Valentine's Day Emmett Challenge."

Teaser -
"Whatever did I do that made you lose your faith in my scariness?" Emmett asked sadly.

Bella sighed and pulled Nosferatu back off the shelf and pointed at the picture on the back. "You see his hands? Those are scary. Your hands though..." Bella trailed off with a wave in his direction.

"Aww, come on Bella. Look at Graf Orlok, he's as scrawny as a bat and looks like one too. I'm so much bigger than him, big and scary like a bear. That has to count for something."

Bella shook her head again. "Bats are scary, Emmett. Bears, while they can be scary, are also cuddly like teddy bears."

Emmett's face fell for a moment before he perked up. "You really think I'm cuddly, Bella?" he asked eagerly.

Bella shoved the DVD back on the shelf forcefully. "Emmett, do you want to be scary? Or do you want to be cuddly? You can't be both."

"But you just said that bears are cuddly, but can be scary sometimes. So which one am I?"

"Which one do you want to be, Emmett?"

Emmett frowned. "With you, Bella, I want to be cuddly. Bears are cuddly with their family, and you're family."

So what are you waiting for! There's an Emmett tale to be told by EVERYONE!