Daily Update - Who's Your Mett?

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Hey there Emmett fans!

Another day.. and.. well ...

Some fic recc's! How's your writing coming along?  Do you need to organize some WC's (word challenges) with your online pals to get the mojo flowing?

Two awesome Em's for you today and from fic's that aren't EXACTLY Emmett orientated.. sometimes its the side characters that say a LOT more than most..

Scotch, Gin and the New Girl a colab from JandCo and WTVOC

WHY this Em?
He's gangsta wannabe style mixed with a lion's heart full of loyalty to his peeps.

Teaser -  Our Tease comes from the outtakes/extras


Butterscotch leather.

Freek'n You on the stereo.

Rosie, bare ass up in front of me.

My drawers down to my knees.

If there was a forty of Colt 45 in my hand, a blunt behind my ear, and Tupac with a Halo in the front seat, I swear I'd be in heaven for a G.

The next side bar Em comes from a fic that may no longer be around, but if you had the opportunity to read it, I'm sure this one will STILL make your heart stutter...

Poughkeepsie by Mrs_TheKing

WHY this Em?
He started off as a bad ass semi sociopath and by the end you were willing him to escape the law and find his happy with Rose.

A little Fic Vid this time made by TheKristi28

HUGE thank you's to Winterstale for sending us one of HER versions of a Mett...

mmm yes, I could see a Gerard ButlerMETT Excuse me while I go stare...