Daily Update - HAPPY FRIDAY!

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One entry in.. who's going to be next?!

We hope you've all had a fantastic week and had lots of either writing or ideas for WHAT to write over the weekend!

Two more Em's to tickle your writing bone with inspiration!

Independant Variables by Emibella
(only available on A Different Forest... if you haven't joined what are you waiting for? The critters are real nice round those parts!)

Summary -
An unlikely couple finds unexpected comfort in each other years after a shared traumatic event. Can they put the past behind them and find happiness together? A story of confronting your demons and finding out how to move past them. Em/B. Special thanks to Tor for the idea and the encouragement to write it.

Teaser -
Bella liked the way that he had a habit of absently scratching at his ear and blushing when she talked about his accomplishments. She could tell that he hadn’t lost his football physique and it was impossible to miss how his size and stature where part of his personality. His voice was low and soothing and it had a kindness to its timbre that she thought really didn’t fit his appearance at all but felt like she could listen to for as long as he chose to speak to her.


The Long Way Home by TheHeartOfLife
(on Ffn and ADF)

Summary -
There was a girl. She loved a boy. And then she lost it all. Will her journey back to the place where it all began and ended light the path for forgiveness, or will it swallow her whole? A story about friendship, love and the true meaning of coming home.

Teaser -
He smiled full stop and my heart shuddered in response. "You ready for this?"

I wanted to laugh – how exactly was I supposed to respond to that? – but then he was making ridiculous plane noises, twisting and turning the edge of the cookie until it was right at my mouth. I opened up and took a bite, all too aware that his hand was gently cupped underneath my chin and his eyes were focused on my mouth.

"Mmm," I hummed dryly.

"See?" he replied with a proud grin. "Dessert pocket."

"Very scientific."

His gaze drifted back down to my lips and he sucked in his bottom lip, laughing lowly. "You have some, uh…" He lifted his free hand, the one that didn't have my fingers still wrapped around it, and brushed his thumb against the edge of my mouth. I froze, my lips parting slightly, my grip tightening around his wrist. He pulled back, showing me the chocolate now smudged along the pad of his thumb. "I didn't get it all, you should probably…"

He trailed off as my tongue darted out to get the rest of it. "Did I get it?" I asked in a voice that didn't sound entirely like my own. I cleared my throat.

"Yeah, it's gone," he murmured.

and to finish off our week a lil from column a and b