Daily Update - SweepYouOffYourFeetMETT

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Another week and hopefully a LOT of writing getting done!

EMspiration today from two fantastic writers..

Transcontinental Love Letter by Bethaboo

Rosalie meets Emmett--but doesn't exactly "meet" him. How does their relationship develop when they're on other sides of the country and communicate solely through words? A story inspired both by fiction and fact. AH.

"Is this Bella?" The voice was deep and incredibly male, with just a tinge of a Southern accent. It was a sexy voice—a voice that reminded me of Rhett Butler and staircases and being dragged into bed by my hair. . .

"Uh," I stammered, unsure as to what I should say and even more unsure why my mind had gone so totally south after just hearing the man's voice.

Get it together, Rose, I snapped at myself.


This Land is Mine by Chicklette

Beautiful. Intelligent. Untouchable. Rosalie Hale exists in a world of absolute control, until a dimpled man turns her world upside down. Now she has to choose between maintaining perfection, or risking it all for something more. AH, RxE

The thing is, he looked ridiculous. Standing there in the lingerie section of Saks, looking like a bull in a china shop, and surrounded by tiny, lacy, frilly things and wearing that look of lust and bafflement? Ridiculous. Rosalie watched as he picked up a pair of black lace panties, a look of curiosity on his face. The panties looked like doll clothes in his big hand and she found herself sizing him up. He wore jeans, a blue plaid short-sleeved button down and he had head full of curly, dark hair. From where she was standing, he was well over six feet – and built. Broad shoulders, narrow waist…her eyes drifted from feature to feature until she finally made her way back up to his face.

"Stare much?" he asked.