Daily Update - Fic Recc's & Our FIRST ENTRY!

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Hello again, Emmett Lovers!

I'm SO beyond excited to announce we have our FIRST CONTEST ENTRY!

Kate was always the sensible, quiet foil to her exuberant twin Tanya. When her friend Emmett steps in to help Kate through a break-up, they begin to share more than ice cream and cheesy comedies.
Pairing:- Kate/Emmett
Rating:- M
Word Count:- 6489

and a quick fic rec

The Art of Being a Wallflower by Eternally_knight

Summary -
Rosalie Hale is a beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who can only trust in herself. Emmett McCarty seems like the perfect happy-go-lucky guy to break her shell. But sometimes, things aren't always what they seem. -R/Em challenge- Novella.

Tease -
I went to go sit in the back, away from the eyes from the guy in the front. He had smiled widely at me when I walked in.

But the teacher didn't want that. She put me right next to him. I shifted as far away as I could from the guy.

He was older then me, I definitely knew that. Probably a senior. The school was huge, so it was normal for students not to know each other.

He had thick, curly hair. It was a strange color – almost black, but a little lighter. I didn't really know how to describe it. He was fit. Like, really fit. Big biceps, strong shoulders. He looked like he barely fit in the seat. It was sort of funny.

I had noticed when he smiled, he had dimples. Pretty nice dimples.

Do not go down that track Rosalie. You know what happened last time.

So there you have it! One Entry in.. and many more to come!

Are you WRITING yet??

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