Daily Update - HAPPY MONDAY!

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Hi there Em lovers!
We hope you ALL had a productive weekend with writing and or reading some of our previously recc'd Em fics and we can't WAIT till some of your ideas hit our inbox so we can spread the BIG MAN around...

Our Two For You Today...

Some sexy slash from our deelicious diva Lipsmacked with

Tight End
Summary -
Professional Football Player, Emmett Cullen falls for a mechanic from South Dallas. They do it. Rated M for Dude-sex. O/S

I looked down at the cell number he'd circled. Above that was his full name and title. Jacob Black -- "Body Specialist?" I asked looking into his deep brown eyes. I could see they were flecked with gold.

"Among other things," he said casually. So casually he almost sounded annoyed. "You know -- sometimes I get bored and I like to switch things up."

and one of my (and Hmonsters) personal fav's

Red Corvette by hexumhunnie311
Summary -
Shy social outcast Jasper has been in love with Emmett, the king of Forks High and his complete opposite, for two agonizing years. Does Jasper have more in common with Emmett than he thinks? Slash, AH. Entry for the Slash Backslash One-Shot Contest.

Teaser -
I have very few friends. Edward and his girlfriend Bella are pretty much it.

But Emmett McCarty nods at me in the hallway every day.

Emmett sits next to me in biology and shares his textbook with me on days I forget mine. I share my notes on days he forgets his.

Emmett always smells like cinnamon, and mint, and Emmett.

Emmett always gives me a little smirk whenever he drives past me in that red corvette.

I want to be in that car with him.

Sinspired? Maybe the new pics will help.. GOOD LUCK WITH THE WRITING!