Daily Update - Happy Friday!

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To kick off the weekend we've got two more fantastic Emmett fic's for your writing inspiration..

First up!
A little PHYSIOTHERAPYmett and our first non canon pairing -

Let's Get Physical by Gemmabobella

Summary -
Pure Fluff. AH AU Emmet/Bella Bella finds herself back in physical therapy after her latest encounter with the ground, and falls for her physical therapist Emmett. There will be no angst. pure fluff,short story M for language and citrusy goodness

Taster -
And then he walked in, effectively ceasing all higher brain functions. He was HUGE! He looked like he used to play professional football or something. His biceps were the side of my head! But as my eyes scanned up his broad, muscular chest, up his strong neck, I spotted the best set of dimples ever put on a face. And then his eyes … strikingly blue, given his dark curly brown hair. So hot …

He leaned over the reception desk, giving me the best display of what was a very round, very muscular ass, begging me to grab on and never let go. My eyes again began to drift up the muscled plains of his back, and I started to salivate. And then he laughed … not just a quiet, polite laugh, but a loud booming laugh that I felt in my bones. There was so much open happiness in the sound, and I wanted it … I wanted him.

and one that one half of our wonderful judge LightStarDusting writes with the loverly LoreliD .. and outtake/flashback from their previous story I'll Be Seeing You and seriously sexy ICEMANmett...

Good Evening, Miss Hale by lightheartloreli

Summary -
The summer of my twenty second year of life revolved around those four words. Every day, near six in the evening, Emmett would arrive... Where did he live? What did he like? What made him tick? - An AH love story of Rosalie and Emmett. One-shot flashback.

Teaser -
Then I would see him.

Raising my book in front of my face, I tried to give off the illusion that I was intently reading. Pretending to stare at the words on the page but instead training my eyes solely on the man walking across the lawn. His hair was wet from both perspiration and the ice that melted in the hot summer sun, from deliveries he had made throughout the day. Our house was one of the last stops on his route and his arm sometimes shook from the sheer exhaustion of his day's work. He usually favored his right side, but occasionally he hoisted it on his left. I couldn't help but wonder if that was to even the burden, making the muscles in his arms tone accordingly.

and as always, some METTporn...

Now you've stared and been inspired enough.. get to writing!