Daily Update - No News is Good News?

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Well Em lovers we've officially begun taking entries

*watches the tumbleweeds*

So... while we wait, a few great Emmett tales to get your juices flowing and a little picture war for sinspiration.

First up, Hmonster04 - One our resident Tommett judges - has recently started posting a DARKmett

Lilies -
How do you rebuild a life out of remnants when the way in which you defined yourself is gone? AU

and a quote to get you drooling...
Leaning back against the rail, he raised the crystal tumbler to his lips, sipping slowly. In the dark, no one would be able to differentiate the ruby red liquid from red wine or port. The blood had cooled a bit, but the taste was still as sweet. He found that filling a glass and leaving it out for a few hours allowed the precious fluid to revert to room temperature, the warmth enhancing the flavor. It served as an appetizer, a little teaser before the main dish, so to speak.

"Are you going to come into the house?" a woman called from the doorway. She'd spent the better part of the evening flirting with him, going out of her way to walk past him in the small jazz bar where he'd taken up roost. Her long blonde hair fell in elegant waves over her shoulders, her deep blue eyes wide and bright. She moved slowly, and he could smell the drugs in her system. It took the edge off her instincts, dulling her reaction time and inhibitions. It would taint her taste too, but he didn't care. In this light, with the elegant blue silk clinging to her curves, she looked so close. For just a few hours, she would do.

Darkmett is WIN

Next up, a flipside from the dark and into the hilarity that can be found with one of our FAVORITE Cullen boys...

Vampiric Peaches by Llama_Mama23
Emmett decides to attempt to turn peaches into vampires. WARNING: Extremely pointless and stupid!

That's right, a total fluffy giggle fest...
"Bella," I whispered, so low that even Emmett wouldn't hear it. "Can you wait in the car for a moment? I hear something strange inside." She nodded mutely, and I climbed silently out of the car, ignoring the rain, and noting with satisfaction that Emmett hadn't heard a thing. His thoughts weren't giving anything away, but I could tell he was carrying something. 'I'll only need about 20 more. Then I should have enough. I'll just set them here for now.' It was rather confusing, and now I felt a strong urge to find out what was going on, so instead of going through the front door, I opted for just climbing up to my room, then climbing down towards the lower stories. Emmett was in the kitchen, and walking into the living room, then back to the kitchen. I climbed as stealthily as possible up to my bedroom, where the window was always unlocked. I opened the window, flinching at the soft squeak as it opened. I jumped lithely into my room, tiptoeing across to my door, still eavesdropping on Emmett's mysterious thoughts. 'Time to start.' I waited at my door, hoping to see if something was going to happen. After hearing dead silence for a few moments, I gently opened my door, walking out onto the landing that over-looked the living room, where Emmett's thoughts were coming from.

He was sitting on the floor with his back to me, surrounded by…


STILL one of the funniest semi crackfic's I've read and REread for that matter!

And in other news...


Which team do you play for?
or if none, who's your ideal Emmett?