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A fantastic Em recc for you today to get your mojo a flowin'..

Balancing the Scales by Ahizelm

Summary -
Emmett is too busy to enjoy his life but Rosalie appears to have found the perfect balance between work and play. When they meet, sparks fly, but can they make it work? Will Emmett let it? A Fandom Gives Back Novella for HMonster04.

Teaser -
As we neared them, I grinned and watched as he got the bartender's attention. When he turned to face his friend, I noticed that his eyes were the strangest shade of blue-green. And I could tell from the set of his jaw that he was a serious man, probably a deep thinker. Maybe even overly analytical.

At that point, we'd closed the gap between us and them. Without checking with Kate—mostly because I knew I wouldn't need to—I addressed him playfully.

"Hey, think you can get her attention again? Apparently she likes brunettes with dimples, so I'm not her type."

When he finally looked me in the eye, I can't lie.

I melted a little.

There was something so solemn about him, but I could sense that there was also this ... something else. It peeked out at me from behind his eyes. Whatever "it" was seemed hidden, shy, as though he never paid it any attention. It had probably been dormant for many years—hell, maybe his whole life.

As soon as he'd started in about work—at a bar, no less—I'd known my suspicions were correct.

Emmett needed to learn how to live a little, let "it" out.

So how's everyone's writing going? Need more inspiration?




Monsters - Something For KateI was hanging upside down from the overpass
Waiting to discover something about the world
I couldn't get with the program
And I couldn't listen to them
It was like trying to think in reverse
And I don't want to slide into apathy
And I don't want to die in captivity
But these monsters follow me around
Hunting me down, trying to wipe me out

Rest My Chemistry by Interpol
I haven't slept for two days
I've bathed in nothing but sweat
And I've made hallways scenes for things to regret.
My friends they come.
And the lines they go by

Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry
Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry

I live my life in cocaine
Just a rage and three kinds of yes
And I've made stairways
Such scenes for things that I regret
Oh, those days in the sun
They bring a tear to my eye