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Title: Wandering
Pen name: IngenueFic
Primary Players: Emmett, Rosalie, Edward
Rating: T
Summary: His life was full of happiness. Suddenly, death claimed him, an angel greeted him, and he searched for peace in an immortal life. *Part of the "Last Lucid Moments" collection.

Word Count: 6,317

Title: Naughty in Nantucket
Summary: Bella Swan will be spending the summer cruising to Nantucket on her family's yacht with her best friend Alice. What happens when she meets Emmett McCarty, the new culinary intern on the boat? It's going to be one hot summer. Written for the Me and Mr. McCarty contest. AH
Pen name: Mellieb40
Primary Players: Emmett/Bella
Rating: M
Word Count: 9136

Title: Emmett and The Bear
Summary: "So you see, Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an Angel with you." In the original Twilight epilogue Emmett told the tragic story of being saved by his angel briefly to Bella. Now, here it is in detail as it happened.
Pen name: EternallyJaded
Primary Players: Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: T
Word Count: 4461