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Have you read the three entries so far? Have a looke HERE if you haven't!

New amendment to the rules means all authors can enter an out take/side shot of their previous fic as long as it is Emmett centric and follows the contest guidelines.

LOTS of fic recc's of quality Em stories, if you have one you think needs highlighting don't forget to email us!

Weekend Fic Recc's

Have you started the colab between one of our illustrious judges and another Em lover -
Hmonster4 & TheHeartOfLife's - Down & Across
On ADifferentForest in Storytelling and on both the authors FFn Profiles.

Two more recc's from Winterstale

Harvest Moon by Content1

Summary -
What happens to the Cullens after the Volturi left. Edward and Bella begin life together and face heartbreak after their lives are irrevocably changed by losses of family and friends - interspersed with a journey of self discovery. Edward POV

Why You Should Read it -
Winterstale reads canon?! This is so good, has to be written by one of the most ardent and serious canonistas out there. Em is lovely in this: he is completely canon but an actual three dimensional character and all growed up. Told from Ed's POV, too.

and Catastrophic Love Implosion by JulieJulieJulie

Summary -
Love is complicated. In a human world, can the relationships of Twilight’s canon couples withstand real life problems? Will love prevail despite the odds? ExB, JxA, ExR. AH/AU. M for language and adult themes. On temporary hiatus as of April 2010.

Why You Should Read It -

Now juliex3 is one of my dearhearts but we didn't know each other until I landed on her like a mass of mess and fawned over her Emmett.
Her Rose and Em are a completely realistic AH couple. Julie balances the three canon Cullen Kid couples but her Rose and Em are the stars here.

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