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Team Emmett... your time has come.

Who remembers the GREAT 'For The Love of Jasper' contest?
(If not here take a walk down memory lane)

Well it's Emmett's turn in the sun...

So contest time it is.

(banner by the deelightful Nostalgicmiss)
We want your GUYNEXTDOORmett's, we want your DARKmett's, we want your GEEKmett's, we want your ROCKETSCIENTISTmetts, we want your NONCLICHEmetts.

Basically, we want Emmett in whatever way shape or form you can dream him up.

Step out of the cliche box and let your imagination run wild!

Pairings? Have at them!
Garrett and Em? Alice and Em? Bella and Em? Jasper and Em? and of course, Rose and Em!

We just want GREAT Emmett one shots to fill the void of his secondary character presence, and hopefully, lead to multi chaptered loveliness!

Judges - Hmonster, LightStarDusting, Lipsmacked, Mischief-Maker, Miztrezboo

Guidelines & How to Enter
For a full list of Rules & Guidelines as well as how to enter, please visit the contest blog here.

Entry Limit
Entry limit?! What entry limit! UNlimited is more like it! We want whatever you can give us!

Judging/Voting/VIP DatesSubmission Deadlines
Submissions will be accepted from April 14 12:00 AM PST to June 14 11:59 PM PST.

After the submission deadline has passed, there will be an open/public voting round featuring all validated entries.
Open Voting will run from June 15 12:00 AM PST to June 29 11:59 PM PST.
In addition to Open Voting, there will be a Judges’ Selection round. The judges will assess all submitted entries, with a top three and individual favourites to be decided on.

Announcements What do you get for winning..Why a pretty banner that says so and recognition as an awesome Emmett writer and winners announced on the The Fictionators
All publicly voted winners and Judges Selection will be announced 9am PST on July 7, on The Fictionators website as well as the contest blog.
Individual winners/place getters will also be PM'd or emailed with notification.

Huge thank yous to both Kassiah and Nerac for helping us out with announcements! Please make sure you all skip, hop and jump over to The Fictionators and check out what they're up to this week in the fandom!

Got a question? Email us here - memrmccarty@rocketmail.com or follow us on Twitter  for up to date news!