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Winners Announcement

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The Me and Mr McCarty Contest Winners Announcement

We had such an amazing turn out and we're so very happy to have thirty - that's right THIRTY - more amazing Emmett one shots that will hopefuly turn into MORE shots. We'd like to thank everyone - writers, readers and reviewers for taking part and making our little Me and Mr McCarty Contest into something that we can ALL be proud of!

So without any further ado...

Public Vote - All Human Category

Public Vote - Alternate Universe Category

Public Vote - Out Takes or Side Shots Category

Judges Choice & Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to all for participating! and a HUGE thank you to CarenL and Kassiah for letting us hijack The Fictionators for our announcements!

Hmonster04, LightStarDusting, Mischief-Maker1 and Miztrezboo

*All Public Voting results can be viewed HERE *

Voting is Over

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Patterned Text Generator at

WOW we had an enormous amount of votes and we can't wait to reveal the results...

SO! On the 7th of July, make sure to check here and at The Fictionators website for the BIG REVEAL!

Thanks so much to everyone that supported each of our writers with reviews, reads and votes and making this contest SO very successful!

Hmonster04, Lightstardusting, Lipsmacked, Mischief-Maker1 and Miztrezboo


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Wow you guys! We are so totally overwhelmed with the amount of quality and INTERESTING Emmett entries we've received!

Now comes the hard part, reading (don't forget reviewing!) and then the VOTING!

We hope you enjoy all of the entries the contest has managed to procure, make sure you read as many as you can - if not all - before you vote!

The site we are using gives you access to update your choices at a later date if you need until the voting is closed on the 29th of June 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Get reading HERE and then


Hmonster04, LightStarDust, Lipsmacked, Mischief-Maker1 & Miztrezboo

huge thank yous to Bendingmirrors for the polling help!

New Entry

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Title: Believe This
Pen name: Rosmarina
Primary Players: Emmett/Alice
Rating: M
Summary: I wrapped my arm around Alice's waist and dragged her into my chest, curving myself around this slip of a girl turned woman who owned every piece of my heart. I would give anything to bring that light back to her eyes.

New Entries

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Title: A Fool's Quest

Pen name: I Punch WereWolves 4 Fun
Primary Players: Emmett
Rating: M
Summary: When the King sets forth a royal challange can Emmett prove that Fools are worthy?

Title: The Legend of the Bear
Pen name: katrinka612
Primary Players: Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: M
Summary: Chicago 1931. The Great Depression, prohibition and Al Capone. This is the story of the man who became a legend fighting the greatest forces of his time and the woman he fought them for.

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